President’s Day Break

A well needed break as CHS nears the last quarter

Kara Montagano, Editor In Chief

This President’s Day was a well needed break for students and staff of CHS. Not only to celebrate the birthday of our country’s first president, but also to take some of the stress off from the demands of this Covid ruled school year. From intermixed learning, to the election, to schoolwork in general, the timing of the three day weekend is always very nicely placed.

With Duneland pushing the start date of the school year back two weeks at the beginning of the year, it required the administration to take away one of the two days students and staff usually receive off for this holiday.  Instead of receiving Friday and Monday off, Duneland schools would receive only the Monday off for President’s Day.  Despite having 3 days as opposed to 4, teachers and students still had plenty going on.

I had a pretty busy weekend actually, which has not been the norm the last year or soe celebrated my cousin’s 40th birthday at my parent’s house with family,and lots of food. And on Saturday my friend & I attended the “Galentine’s Day” event at Bloom Boutique & Salon! It was the cutest place; I had never been. Anytime someone else will wash and dry my hair for me, I’m IN, I rarely find myself thinking a break isn’t needed. Add on the extra demands and challenges this school year has presented, and breaks are needed now more than ever,” Nygra finished.

The attempts to shorten the break only backfired, as undefeated Mother Nature came out to give back to students and teachers alike, their much needed break.  In the form of large snowstorms and cold weather around NWI, an asynchronous eLearning day was announced,  causing Duneland administration to leave the buildings vacant again on Tuesday.  Many students at CHS were appreciative of the ‘extra’ time.

“It was really really nice, because at this point, the 3rd quarter has become extremely difficult academically and it just felt great to rest.” said sophomore, Gretta Burke.

Others praised the district for their wise moves to postpone in-person learning for the day.

“It was a good action taken by the school corporation in efforts to preserve our safety.  It was nice not having the stress of driving to school in such weather.”  sophomore Jackson Jessen said about the snow day.

With the break giving everybody the time to kick back and relax a bit, hopefully the rest of this quarter can run smoothly for all. This school year has been a challenging one, but it is breaks like this that can help to take some of the stress off.