Google Foldable Phone

Google has been “internally testing” a second foldable phone, with some extra information about the phone we figured out, that it has a codename “Jumbojack”. Not much has been revealed regarding this new phone or what it will look like or operate. Though it seems this new phone from Google will have two screens and will shut off when closed. There was no mention of how big the phone will be or how it will operate. This is due to the lack of information from Google and holding out on leaks. It’s unsure if it’s really a phone or just a prototype for the Android 12, and there is no mention of what it could go for when on the market. Unfortunately, there is no clear information that the phone will ever be released or if it is just a rumor. The phone will reportedly fold top to bottom instead of left to right, so it’s indeed a new approach to the foldable phone market and it could be a good or bad approach.