Facebook gets a new face

Dallas Howard, Sandscript Author

It appears that Facebook is getting a new company name, which is likely to be similar to Google when they created the umbrella company Alphabet in 2015. It is reported that it will be grouped in with Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus, and more.


The rebranding of Facebook may be because of the constant scrutiny that the company has been under the past few years after a former employee Frances Haugen turned whistleblower released documents that exposed the company’s wrongdoings causing public trust to go down.


Despite the change in names, it is suggested that the platform will stay the same overall and there shouldn’t be any major changes to Facebook or how it operates. As of now the only changes we can see will be the logo and it’s name, which will be changed to Meta. This name choice relates to the parent company the platform falls under, called Metaverse.  Along with this change, is that the Metaverse company will supposedly have priority over Facebook when the changes are being made.