Duneland School Board Results

The 2022 Election Results For the Duneland Board Are In

Ashley Drury, Sandscript Author

The Duneland School board election results were announced after the 2022 elections, with not that many changes to the board. The Duneland School Corporation results for the 2022 winners were, Alanya Lightfoot Pol (At large), Beth M. Mehling (Liberty Township), and Brandon J. Kroft (Westchester and Pine Townships). This means that  Kroft and Pol will continue to retain their seats on the school board. 


Alanya Lightfoot Pol began her journey in education as an elementary school teacher in Indianapolis, and now has four years of service on the Duneland School board. Her husband, Rodney Pol Jr., has been a part of the Indiana state senate since November 1, 2021. Lightfoot Pol has advocated for wanting to make the school environment well-prepared as well as safe. 


Beth M. Mehling is a Duneland parent who advocates to address teacher burnout and for a change to be made on the board as it does not reflect the community. Mehling defeated Roy Randall Darnell and Phillip E. Gralik for her seat on the board.


Brandon J. Kroft announced on August 3rd on his Facebook that he would be running for another term on the board. In the post, he exclaims how he wants to focus on students getting the best education possible. 


Hopefully, with the new candidates, the Duneland school system will grow to be stronger and help unite the community, as well as strengthen our education.